About me


I was born not long ago on the island of Gran Canaria (Spain) and I´m currently based in Madrid, after many years living in Germany.

I started playing piano at the age of 8 and have not stopped making music ever since. I have been part of several bands and music projects, playing bass, guitar, drums and keyboards.

Since 2010 I´ve been creating music for media and my music  has been featured in films, TV shows and documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TEN (Australia), A&E (USA), MTV (UK) and Channel 4 (UK).

I have released several Creative Commons albums which have been downloaded more than 50,000 times and streamed more than 180,000 times.


2021 Sopi Jefine Yi (Documentary Short)

Irene Garmtz, Mouhamadou Samb (Garfunken Producciones)

2019 No Discrimination (Social Ad)

Matteo Piccinini

2018 Significance Quest (Short Film)

Domenico Damiano Munno (Creativille Studio)

2018 Pollo Crudo (Short Film)

Matteo Piccinini (Creative Pictures)

2017 Relatos de Paz: Salomé (Short Film)

JuanMa Casas (Pirata Films)

2017 The Next Three Hours (Thriller Short Film)

Matthias Streicher

 2016 Der Klang der Stille (Feature Film)

Barnabas Valley (Barnabas Films)

2016 Tamirlan (Documentary short)

Andreas Steinkogler (Eggdancer Movies)

2016 Family Business (Short Film)

Anton Xiao-Bown

2015 The Starmaker (Short Film)

Matteo Picinini (Storm & Light Pictures)

2015 A Summer's Tale (Short Film)

Matthias Streicher

2014 Contacto (Short Film)

Joaquim Bundó (Mussol Producciones)

2013 Crossroads 7012 (TV Series)

P.G. Concari Herrero/ Carlos Antoñanzas (ANCO Producciones)