My Music



'True Stories' is made up of seven songs whose main protagonist is the piano. The intention in each of the pieces is to recreate a certain image or feeling, in the manner of painters or photographers, but using only the sound of the instrument. The ocean waves hitting on the cliffs, a window wet by raindrops, the drama of solitude, a simple life as the key of happiness, an impressionist painting of a garden, a kid who plays alone and the view of a rocky beach called Risco Verde are the themes treated on this album.


My two creative commons instrumental music compilation albums, whith a variety of genres and styles, ready to be downloaded and use in your video projections for non-commercial use. More than 50.000 downloads and 180.000 plays so far since they were released. If your are interested in using any of these tracks for commercial purposes, please, do not hesitate to contact me to grant you a license.


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for "Der Klang der Stille". Directed by Barnabás Valley, the movie tells the story of a young man who get obsessed trying to resolve the mysterious disappearance of a family in the 70´s. His obsession will dig up shady secrets and truths that can affect those around him.


Ten tracks showing my particular approach to electronic music. Chill out passages, funky nu disco, electro jazz and some experimental tracks hard to define create this peculiar album which has been downloaded more than 20.000 times and has more than 60.000 plays. It features also a creative commons license, which means it can also be downloaded and use for any non-commercial project.